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Master registries and data

We collect, process, transform, and optimise the data held in trust by NHS Digital, to make it available to the Data, insights and statistics part of the team. 

Responsible person

Executive Director of Master registries and data

This business unit is part of


  • we deliver data coding, collection and curtaion 

  • we deliver privacy enhancing technologies

  • we deliver longitudinal care record, registers, audits and metadata

  • we deliver data platform engineering, technical data standards, and architecture 

Products and services

The following products and services are delivered by Master registries and data.

Coding, collection, and curation

Leads: Alex Elias and Joshua Symons

We design, implement and maintain the data standards used to describe direct care.

We are leading the change in the way we collect this data, to make it closer to real-time, and to reduce burden.

Privacy enhancing technologies

Lead: Vacancy

We are strengthening our Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) to ensure that we better protect data and the individuals and organisations it relates to.

Longitudinal care record, registers, audits, and metadata

Lead: Ev Brunton

We are establishing a national longitudinal care record, all-disease registration and rapid analytics function for England.

Data platform engineering, technical data standards, and architecture

Lead: Tim Gentry

Developing and implementing the next phases of our data platform to transform how we securely manage and provide data to our data services teams and partners.

We enable health and care system transformation by providing access to best-practice policies, patterns, technical data standards, advice and self-service tools to improve data architecture. We support data, data governance, collaboration, and provide access to the national data dictionary and ontology services. 

Last edited: 5 May 2020 9:36 am