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Cyber operations

Provides, cyber security solutions, both preventative and response, for the increasingly complex, demanding and digitised health and care system.


Deliver trusted operational capability to ensure the NHS and Social Care system is resilient to cyber-attacks, protecting individuals and technological advances in care.

Programmes of work


  • provide the agreed portfolio of national cyber security services across the lifecycle of ‘Protect’, ‘Detect’, ‘Respond’ and ‘Recover’

  • provide real time visibility of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, with responsibility for detecting and responding to cyber events across the health and social care system

  • deliver the National CISO’s strategic objectives and agreed elements of the Cyber Successor Programme for health and care

  • deliver a broadening and more advanced national CSOC including integration with local CSOCs and other partners

  • provide specialist security, delivery and advisory services

  • act as NHS Digital’s own CISO

Skills fit for the future

We need more skills in:

  • securing Cloud services
  • securing data and analytics services
  • supply chain risk and assurance
  • threat hunting
  • artificial intelligence/machine learning/automation in defence and attacks
  • security service management skills, security product design and delivery

The Data Security Centre specifically need more skills in: 

  • SANS information security training
  • SC2 certification
  • project management
  • business support
Chart notes

The chart reflects indicative proportions based on the target staffing model (TSM) and forecasts which are subject to revision in line with business need.

Proportions are as of 1 November 2021.

Last edited: 3 December 2021 1:47 pm