Dr Marko Balabanovic

Dr Marko Balabanovic is a non-executive director, leading on innovation, emerging technologies, partnerships and technology transfer on the NHS Digital Board.

Marko Balabanovic

He has over 20 years of experience developing innovations in academia, corporations and start-ups in both the UK and US. As Chief Technology Officer at Digital Catapult his role is to drive innovation by bringing together expertise from the creative, research and development fields and to ensure the organisation remains at the forefront of key trends and emerging technologies.

Marko has been instrumental in bringing several new technologies to market. Most recently, he worked at the start-up State to launch a digital global opinion network.

Formerly, Marko was head of innovation at lastminute.com, where his team launched an array of award winning mobile apps. He studied computer science at the University of Cambridge and has a PhD in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford University, where he led foundational work on recommender systems.