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NHS Digital Board


Our Board is made up of our executive directors and non-executive directors, and reports the the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

The NHS Digital board is our most senior decision-making body, accountable to the public, Parliament and the Secretary of State for Health. Our clinical leadership team members are all experienced front line health and care staff, who make sure we always get the best outcomes for patients and health and care workers. Our executive team is a group of our most senior staff, who take responsibility for specific areas of our work.

Noel Gordon

Noel Gordon, Chair of NHS Digital

Noel is Chairman of the NHS Digital Board, as well as Chair of the Talent, Remuneration and Management Committee. He is also non-executive director of NHS England and Chair of Healthcare UK’s Advisory Board. He was formerly a member of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy Board, the Accelerated Access Review and Chair of NHS England’s Specialised Services Commissioning Committee.


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Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Executive

Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Executive of NHS Digital

Sarah Wilkinson became our Chief Executive in August 2017.

Executive reponsibilities

  • Member of digital delivery board
  • Chair of the operations board
  • International strategy
  • Innovation (from 14 August)

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Dr Marko Balabanovic

Dr Marko Balabanovic

Marko leads on innovation, emerging technologies, partnerships and technology transfers on the Board.

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Daniel Benton

Daniel Benton

On the Board of NHS Digital, Daniel leads for I.T. delivery excellence, operational transformation and technology strategy.

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Professor Soraya Dhillon, MBE

Professor Soraya Dhillon MBE

On the Board of NHS Digital, Soraya leads for clinical safety and governance, echannels and diversity and inclusion.

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Professor Sudhesh Kumar

Professor Sudhesh Kumar

On the Board of NHS Digital, Sudhesh leads for big data, the research sector, clinical informatics/medtech and life sciences strategy.

Find out more about Sudhesh.

John Noble CBE

John Noble CBE

John Noble CBE is a non-executive director on the NHS Digital Board. He joined the board on 1 July 2018 and leads for information and cyber security, along with chairing the Information and Cyber Security Committee (IACSC).

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Deborah Oakley

Deborah Oakley

Deborah Oakley is a non-executive director on the NHS Digital Board. She joined the Board on 1 July 2018 and leads on assurance and risk. She chairs the Assurance and Risk Committee (ARC).

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Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw, Deputy Chief Executive at NHS Digital

Rob was appointed as NHS Digital's Deputy Chief Executive in August 2017, after serving as Interim Chief Executive in early 2017 and Chief Operating Officer since April 2016.

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Rob Tinlin, MBE

Rob Tinlin MBE

Rob Tinlin, MBE leads on integrated care, digitising social care, change management and organisational development.

Find out more about Rob.

Balram Veliath

Balram Veilath

Balram Veliath is a non-executive director on the NHS Digital Board. He joined the Board on 1 July 2018, leading on culture, values and stakeholder relations.

Find out more about Balram.

Carl Vincent

Carl Vincent, Chief Financial Officer for NHS Digital

Carl heads NHS Digital’s Finance and Improvement directorate and, on an interim basis, leads the Assurance and Risk Management directorate. 

He joined NHS Digital in June 2013 on secondment from the Department of Health and Social Care. In addition to his current responsibilities, he has had periods leading NHS Digital’s commercial, human resources and data and information functions. 

Carl joined the Department of Health and Social Care as an economist in 1996 and had a number of roles in the analytical services, commercial and finance functions. He also spent a year on secondment at Ernst and Young.

Executive responsibilities

  • Chief financial officer
  • Finance and commercial

  • Corporate portfolio office (benefits). 

Executive sponsor: Corporate and operational development

  • Business and operational delivery
  • finance
  • knowledge management.

Further information

  1. internal

    NHS Digital board directors expenses

    Board expenses for the new HSCIC organisation are published here when available. These documents cover all travel and accommodation costs incurred and business expenses claimed during each quarter by our Board members. Future information will be published as close to the quarter end as possible.

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