The Child Protection - Information Sharing project (CP-IS)


The Child Protection - Information Sharing project (CP-IS) is helping health and social care professionals to share information and better protect society's most vulnerable children.

There are more than 80 different IT systems in use across health and social care today. The CP-IS project is linking these IT systems together and helping organisations to change business processes so information about children on child protection plans or being looked after can be shared securely between social workers and staff in NHS unscheduled care settings, such as emergency departments and walk-in centres.

Facts and figures

More than 75,000 children now have the additional layer of protection that CP-IS provides. 

43% of local authorities are live, including some of those with the greatest number of vulnerable children, such as Birmingham and Leeds. 

23% of healthcare organisations are live in at least one care setting.

More than 1,600 alerts are passing between live health and social care sites every month. 

CP-IS is enabling health and social care staff to work much more closely together. It provides instant access to information that connects professionals, helps them to identify abuse and neglect and to better safeguard children. 

Watch this video to see how it's making a difference in Hampshire:

If you're involved in safeguarding children and young people at an NHS unscheduled care setting, find out more about the benefits and how you can implement CP-IS.