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Electronic Palliative Care Solution

Dave Farr, Project Manager for Wirral St John's Hospice, discusses the benefits of being able to actively share clinical records with providers of palliative care realised from moving to TPP SystmOne Palliative Hospital.

The challenge

Wirral St John's Hospice provides specialist palliative care and support, mainly for patients with severe and progressive diseases, where curative treatment is no longer possible. The hospice works in conjunction with Wirral Hospital and Community Specialist Palliative Care teams to provide integrated services for patients, whilst extending care and support to those close to them.

The Phoenix Partnership (TPP) SystmOne Palliative Hospital was deployed in 2014, which followed a major £145,000 IT infrastructure upgrade that included 75 computers and laptops, along with clinical and patient wifi. The organisation were also planning to complete a new building shortly after going live in May 2014.

At this time, staff mostly worked on paper, with very limited access to the hospital or GP records.

Benefits of using the Electronic Palliative Care Solution

Effective care

Having more clinical information available improves patient outcomes. In the past, patients may have been admitted to hospital because of a lack of available clinical information or documented patient preferences.


Since using the solution there have been a number of efficiency improvements, including:

  • a reduction in over 100 communication transactions per month because information can now be shared electronically
  • original copies of patient records from acute trusts reduced to only 5 to 10 sets of notes being requested each month
  • over 2 hours of administration time saved each week due to electronic production of letters and referrals, equating to £800 non-cash releasing savings per year*
  • over 4 hours of staff time (clinical and admin) saved each week due to appointing to clinics electronically, equating to £1,800 non-cash releasing savings per year*
  • 15 minutes of administrative time savings each week, equating to £133 non-cash releasing savings a year from managing transport for patients electronically
  • 2 hours a week are saved by no longer having to duplicate demographic or clinical data*
  • time saved by not requesting information gives non-cash releasing savings of £1,733 per year

Accessible information

The electronic sharing of information with GP's, acute and community services improves the accessibility of clinical data and care delivery for the patients.

"We can now see the patient issues from District nurses and Community palliative care team, have been working on prior to admission." - Jill Littlewood, Ward Sister

"It's good to see what other clinical people have written across the Wirral." - Senior Nurse

*Baselined in Project Benefits Register.

Last edited: 11 April 2018 5:28 pm