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Staff networks

Making NHS Digital a fairer and more equal place to work.

Staff networks are staff-led communities of interest that help create a more equal place to work. 

NHS Digital has 7 colleague networks. 

Our staff-led networks have a critical role to play in making NHS Digital a fairer and more equal place to work, they provide communities of interest in which colleagues can:

  • empower themselves and each other
  • help develop and sustain a positive work environment 
  • build a sense of solidarity and community without exclusivity
  • embed inclusion within the value system
  • make a positive difference
  • create a platform for dialogue and consultation on diversity issues, allowing our leadership teams to learn about the real impact of policy and practice

Our networks also support our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 which states that we, as a public body, should constantly strive to eliminate discrimination, hasten the equality of opportunity, and foster good relations between different people.

Each of our staff networks have an executive sponsor and workforce sponsor. The benefit of the sponsor is to build positive working relationships and organisational reputation by linking directly with network members; visible support and positive role models are vital to achieve an inclusive workplace.

Ability network

The Ability network champions people with diverse abilities and works to empower people with long-term conditions, disabilities, and neurodiversity in the workplace.

Their activities include:

  • user testing for websites and digital services
  • consultancy on policy documents
  • project developments and the built environment
  • advice in areas such as interviewing, reasonable adjustments and appropriate language

To join the network, contact: [email protected]

Ethnic minorities broadening racial awareness and cultural exchange (EMBRACE)

The aims of this network are:

  • celebrate our differences
  • support BAME colleagues

  • help to make NHS Digital an equal place to work​​

  • challenge racism and discrimination

  • promote equality of opportunity

To join the network, contact: [email protected]

Family and carers

The Family and carers network exists to proactively examine issues that disproportionately affect carers.

It brings together colleagues with different caring responsibilities to provide a supportive network through which to share ideas, challenges and identify solutions.

​To join the network, contact: [email protected]


The network aims are:

  • improve our age profile as outlined in our diversity and inclusion reports 
  • understand what support is available for colleagues preparing to retire
  • provide access to support within the organisation

To join the network, contact: [email protected]

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Allies (LGBTQ+)

The network aims to open up and maintain communication channels for colleagues to talk about issues affecting them individually as well as providing a forum for the discussion of broader topics, such as the impact of organisational policies on LGBTQ+ colleagues.

To join the network, contact: [email protected]

Multi faith

The aims of the network are to facilitate:

  • equality by creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and has the same opportunity regardless of the religious faith they align to
  • diversity by promoting awareness of the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, needs, perspectives, values and beliefs
  • inclusion by empowering employees to practice their faith in a workplace without constraints

To join the network, contact: [email protected]


The vision of the Women's network is to:

  • work together to inspire women in NHS Digital to achieve their potential
  • support, by examining issues that disproportionately affect women across the organisation and identify solutions.
  • be a collective cohort of powerful supportive voices to influence and bring about change
  • organise, arrange and take part in events to promote NHS Digital and support women across the business

To join the Women's network, contact [email protected]

How we support diversity and inclusion

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