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Our identity

Our identity is at the heart of everything we do at NHS Digital. We are working to change how nurses, doctors, patients and social workers use technology. The NHS has one of the most recognised, trusted and valued brands in the world and we aim to live up to the values it embodies. 

They've got the blue - we can trust them

The NHS brand

We have a precious asset as we work to change the way nurses, doctors, patients and social workers use technology: the NHS name and the exceptionally high levels of trust it inspires.

As a national NHS organisation, we draw strength from one of the most recognised and valued brands in the world. We take our responsibility for protecting it seriously.

This guide shows you how the different elements of our identity can be combined to support the NHS – and to build a distinctive, striking and coherent NHS Digital identity that our audiences recognise and understand.

It will support all of our communications, not only in the NHS but also with social care, the research sector, the IT industry and the public.

Identity principles

Clarity and consistency are at the heart of NHS Digital’s identity. We work in a complex system with many different partners in a technical field. It is important that all our audiences – whether they are experts in digital technology or not – know who we are, what we are doing and can hold us accountable for meeting our commitments.


We use simple and straightforward design and jargon-free language.


We apply our identity and the NHS identity in a disciplined and consistent way to build awareness and understanding of our vital role.


We bring the impact of our work to life using natural images, vivid language and compelling stories.


We don’t just talk at people, we listen to them and engage in honest conversation.


We seek to understand and respond to our audiences’ differing needs and requirements.


We believe in digital technology and use it effectively when we communicate.

Last edited: 20 June 2019 9:12 am