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Our use of colour helps people identify who we are and what we do.

We use a restricted primary colour palette of white, black, blues, greys and yellow that associates us closely with the NHS but also carves a distinct and recognisable identity within a crowded system. 

Primary colours

Our use of colour helps distinguish NHS Digital.  Lots of white, light greys and blues add subtle contrast, while black, dark grey, dark blue and yellow add a useful combination of gravitas and energy.

Secondary colours

NHS Digital has a range of lighter primary colours that can be used to support design elements. 

Online text and background colours

Text contrast

Text should always have the clearest contrast with the background for the best legibility and clarity. Colour contrast should always meet the WCAG AA colour contrast.

Tables, charts and maps palette

Tables, charts and maps have their own blue and grey palette which has been designed to be accessible. They have been designed so that the tonal values for the colours have sufficient contrast difference if printed in black and white. 

Table colour palette

Chart colour palette

Maps colour palette

Directorate palette

This palette has been developed to help us describe the organisational structure of NHS Digital and the functions our directorates perform. It is used in our organisational diagram, for example.


We only use the directorate colours within the context of NHS Digital primary colour palette. In practice, this means that any collateral using the directorate palette will prominently feature NHS Digital’s main brand colours and only use the directorate colours for the specific purpose of explaining how our organisation works.


Please discuss use of the directorate palette with the communications team before using the palette. Email:


Last edited: 21 February 2022 2:12 pm