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Current Chapter

Current chapter – Human resources

The HSCIC is responsible for recruiting staff, but will comply with any departmental or government-wide recruitment controls. The Department will ensure that the HSCIC is made aware of any such controls. Very senior managers in the HSCIC are subject to the Department of Health pay framework for very senior managers in arm's length bodies, and may be subject to additional governance as specified by the Department. The Department will ensure that the HSCIC is aware of any such requirements or restrictions.

The HSCIC must obtain the approval of the Secretary of State in respect of policies relating to remuneration, pensions, allowances or gratuities.

In relation to remuneration, the HSCIC, as with all executive non-departmental public bodies, is subject to the pay remit process, which regulates the pay setting arrangements for its staff (those who are not very senior managers). The pay remit provides a framework within which the HSCIC sets:

  • the pay envelope for the year
  • pay strategies
  • pay reporting

HM Treasury has delegated the approval of executive non-departmental public bodies' pay remits to parent departments. The HSCIC is therefore required to submit its pay remit proposals to the Department for approval. Very senior manager remuneration is subject to the recommendations of the Senior Salaries Review Body.

In relation to pensions, the organisational pension scheme is the NHS Pensions scheme, which is administered by the NHS Business Services Authority and has rules set down in legislation.

Like all departments and arm's length bodies, the HSCIC will be required to follow any requirements for disclosure of pay or pay-related information.

Subject to its financial delegations, the HSCIC is required to comply with the Department's and HM Treasury's approval processes in relation to contractual redundancy payments and any non-contractual payments. All novel or contentious payments require the Department's and HM Treasury's approval. Special severance payments are always considered novel or contentious (this includes any proposal to make a payment as a result of judicial mediation).

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