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Annual report and accounts 2015 to 2016

Our annual report and accounts for 2015 to 2016 were laid before parliament on 21 July 2016


Successes for this year included:

  • the insourcing of NHS Spine services, resulting in a £20.5 million saving in annual running costs for the health service in 2015/16, with 100 per cent service availability
  • the insourcing of the Secondary Uses Service, producing a £6.8 million saving in running costs in 2015/16 and a much better service
  • launching the NHS e-Referral Service as a replacement for Choose and Book, which now handles around 40,00 patient referrals a day
  • extending the coverage of Summary Care Records to more than 96% of citizens
  • extending the Electronic Prescription Service to more than 75% of GP practices
  • introducing enhanced and robust datasets on important and controversial issues such as female genital mutilation, dementia diagnoses in GP practices, maternity and children's care, adult and childhood mental health and new indicators on seven-day services

Annual report and accounts 2015/16

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