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Our workforce demographics 2019

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This is our fourth annual report on our workforce, which we use to help promote equality of opportunity, and to tackle discrimination. This report forms part of our public sector duty under the Equality Act 2010, and monitors our progress as set out in our equality, diversity, and inclusion plan.


Some highlights of the 2019 report include:

  • the mix of men and women in NHS Digital remains stable at 44% female and 56% male
  • women made up 40.6% of people joining the organisation and 46.5% of internal promotions
  • 3% of the workforce declare that they are LGBT+
  • around 13% of staff are from an ethnic minority
  • 25% of people appointed to a role as external candidates this year were from an ethnic minority
  • during 2018/19, 155 employees were on maternity leave, and 60 took paternity leave
  • the percentage of staff declaring a disability remained stable at 5%
  • over half of new starters were aged 30 or under

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