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More gender data information

Find out more gender data information from our 2018 workforce report.

Chart showing gender breakdown (employee numbers)

Chart showing employee gender breakdown - 1,741 male and 1,327 female


The following professions have a high proportion of men:

  • System Engineering - 95% men, 5% women
  • Technical Architecture - 92% men, 8% women
  • Infrastructure and Technology Specialists - 92% men, 8% women
  • IT Service Operations - 90% men, 10% women
  • Software Development - 88% men, 12% women

The following professions have a high proportion of women:

  • Human Resources - 75% women, 25% men
  • Business & Operational Delivery - 69% women, 31% men
  • Communications & Marketing - 68% women, 32% men
  • Information Standards - 56% women, 44% men

This is a similar representation when compared to last year, however IT Service Operations has shown an increase in the percentage of women employed from 0% in 2016/17 to 10% this year. The percentage of men within Information Standards has also increased from 30% in 2016/17 to 44% this year.


Of all internal promotions, 45% were women and 52% were men (3% were not known).

Of the 797 job applications for the Academy, 48% were from men and 47% were from women with the remaining either unknown or choosing not to disclose their gender. More men (52%) than women (35%) were offered a position for the Academy (13% of appointed candidates chose not to disclose their information).

During 2017/18, we've looked at a number of different ways to attract more women to apply for roles at NHS Digital, including developing an online advert that will appeal to women looking to return to work following a career break.

Our support for women in technology has featured in online media appealing to potential job seekers, including one of our female employees winning the Editor's Choice category of Women in IT awards, another nominated for Graduate of the Year as well as our support for International Women’s Day.


More women accessed non-mandatory training during 2017/18 (57%) compared to men (42%), with 1% unmatched. 

During 2017/18, 22 women and 25 men were on the NHS Digital Leadership Programme . Our Leadership Programme has been created to inspire, equip and support our future leaders to help us achieve positive transformation. 

Employee relations

Women made up 54% of employee relations cases and men 46%.

Between 1 April 2016 and 31 March 2018, 65% of recorded capability cases related to women whilst 65% of recorded conduct cases related to men. A total of 39% of grievance cases related to women and 61% to men.

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