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More age data information

Find out more age data information from our 2018 workforce report.

Chart showing age breakdown (employee numbers)

Age breakdown of employees

The age band with the highest internal promotion rate was 35 to 44, covering 44% of all promotions - most of the vacancies were across the middle bands.

We also found that:

  • the Academy encourages applications from candidates of any age, however most applications came from candidates aged 16 to 24 years (61%)
  • the age group 36 to 40 years represented the biggest proportion of employees leaving the organisation, with 15% of the total - the next largest age groups are 31 to 35 year and 41 to 45 years, both with 14%
  • the age group 41 to 45 years represented the biggest proportion of employee relations cases, with 19% of the total - the second largest age group was 51 to 55 years, with 16%
  • the lowest number of job applications came from people aged 65 years and over - none of these were appointed to NHS Digital
  • the age profile of candidates remained fairly consistent through all stages of the recruitment process
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