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Gender pay

Explore our report into the gender pay gap at NHS Digital.

NHS staff earnings - mean gender pay gap, median gender pay gap and quartile distribution of NHS Digital staff, as at 31 March 2017:

Mean gender pay (hourly rate)
Female £21.42
Male £25.54
Gender pay gap 16.1%


Median gender pay (hourly rate)
Female £20.47
Male £23.84
Gender pay gap 14.1%


Quartile distribution of NHS Digital staff, as at 31 March 2017 Band A Band B Band C Band D Total
Female 404    58% 331    47% 266    38% 216    31% 1,217    43%
Male 298    42% 372    53% 437    62% 486    69% 1,593    57%

Earnings in this calculation include:

  • basic pay
  • recruitment and retention payments
  • geographic allowance
  • on-call payments and shift working payments            

The data includes both staff on Agenda for Change and staff on non-Agenda for Change terms and conditions.    

The hourly rate for staff has been calculated using the total monthly hours worked. Overtime payments have been excluded.    

This information is not directly comparable to that throughout the rest of these analyses, due to a different cut of ESR data being used.    

Some data required for the calculation can't be separately identified in the ESR data warehouse, so it may not be included in our gender pay calculation. This includes:

  • additional responsibility allowance (ARA) or car allowance payments
  • staff with salary sacrifices or staff receiving back pay
  • redundancy payments
  • staff on reduced earnings due to maternity or long-term sick leave
  • bonus payments - it's not possible to identify bonus payments within the data available in the ESR Data Warehouse, therefore no analysis of any possible bonus payments has been included as part of this analysis - future reporting will be based upon an NHS-wide gender pay reporting dashboard, which will allow the inclusion of any relevant bonus payments in the calculations

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