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Diversity and inclusion

As an organisation, we value and understand differences in our people and use it to innovate. Find out about our objectives and the demographics of our workforce.

Workforce objectives

  1. We will deliver appropriate learning and development to ensure that all NHS Digital staff develop a good level of equality and diversity awareness.
  2. We will work towards having no difference in the employment outcomes for NHS Digital staff or potential recruits because of protected characteristics.
  3. We will develop best practice in workforce equality and diversity by creating internal and external networks and supporting positive action initiatives.

Service objectives

  1. Guided by industry best practice, when we communicate with the public and service users, we will seek to deliver clearer, more representative, and more accessible information and guidance.
  2. We will establish a network of staff who will investigate the ways in which we can ensure that our products, policies and behaviours reflect the communities we serve and do not disadvantage or otherwise negatively impact the public and users of our services.
  3. As the trusted national provider of high-quality information and data about health and social care, we will improve our focus on protected characteristics in the information that we collect and share. By doing so, we will improve knowledge about the health of, and care experienced by, those with protected characteristics.



Annual inclusion report 2019-20

This is our annual inclusion report, which we use to help promote equality of opportunity, and to tackle discrimination. This report forms part of our public sector duty under the Equality Act 2010, and monitors our progress as set out in our equality, diversity, and inclusion plan.


Our workforce demographics 2019

This is our fourth annual report on our workforce demographics, which we use to help promote equality of opportunity, and to tackle discrimination.


Staff networks

An introduction to our staff networks and how they make NHS Digital a fairer and more equal place to work.