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Quarterly Activity Return (QAR) Data Provision Notice

The Quarterly Activity Return (QAR) collection is the supplementary source of inpatient and outpatient (including referrals) activity data supporting the Monthly Activity Return (MAR) collection. It is used to monitor changes in activity levels and to inform NHS planning.


These statistics provide high level source of supplementary information on inpatient and outpatient (including referrals) activity. These statistics are used to provide information to the public and other stakeholders, and can be used to assess activity trends over time. They enable commissioners and NHS England to monitor activity levels and inform planning.

Statistics are classed as Official Statistics and are published quarterly with an accompanying statistical press notice. The data, statistical press notice and guidance are available on NHS England's website.

Read the Quarterly Activity Return (QAR) Data Provision Notice

Scope of the collection

All Trusts who provide inpatient or outpatient services (funded by the NHS).

Legal basis for provision of data

Section 259 of the Health and Social Care Act.



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