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NHS 111 First Situation Report

Data Provision Notice to require submission to NHS Digital of data from NHS 111 providers in order to assess the effectiveness of the NHS 111 First service.


Since July 2020, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) has been piloting an NHS 111 First service to encourage patients to call NHS 111 for triage before attending accident and emergency (A&E) services. This is now being rolled out across the NHS in England and NHS 111 providers are asked to submit data in order for NHSEI to:

  • monitor the impact of the service by looking at changes to flows of patients through the wider Urgent and Emergency Care (UEC) system
  • monitor the impact on patient experience and outcomes
  • monitor the responsiveness of urgent community health services
  • assess whether the long term use of NHS 111 First as the default triage mechanism for UEC patients can result in more efficient use of NHS resources.

The development of NHS 111 First is aligned to the five-year forward view for NHS Urgent and Emergency Care published in 2017.

Scope of the collection

This Notice is served on:

  • lead commissioners of Integrated Urgent Care (IUC) or NHS 111 services

Commissioners are responsible for ensuring a lead supplier of data for each of their contract areas.  This could be:

  • Commissioning Support Units
  • IUC service providers.

Legal basis for provision of data

These Directions are to enable NHS Digital to collect and analyse information from all NHS 111 providers in England in respect of the NHS 111 First service. 

Period of the collection

The data items are to be collected on a weekly basis. The first data collection will take place during the first week of December 2020. As the NHS 111 First service becomes more established, the frequency of the collection will be reviewed.

Read the Data Provision Notice and supporting specification

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