Genetic testing rates for NHS Trusts in England - UKGTN member laboratories Data Provision Notice


Data Provision Notice genetic testing rates for NHS Trusts in England - UKGTN Member laboratories


Information from UK Genetic Testing Network (UKGTN) member laboratories on access to and provision of genetic testing provided for NHS patients in the UK. 

Read the Data Provision Notice: genetic testing rates.

Scope of the collection

This information is required by the HSCIC under section 259(1) of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. In line with section 259(5) of the Act, all UKGTN member laboratories in England must comply with the requirement and provide information to the HSCIC in the form, manner and period specified in this Data Provision Notice.

Legal basis for the collection

section 259 of the Health and Social Care Act.


The first collection will cover 2014/15 and 2015/16. This will take place between 1st June and 30th August 2016. A specific deadline will be provided in the supporting communication materials which will be sent to each UKGTN member laboratory. Subsequent collections will take place on an annual basis within the same time period.