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Friends and family test ambulance Data Provision Notice


The friends and family test is an important feedback tool across all patient groups and NHS funded services. It supports the principle that people who use the NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.

Providers of NHS funded ambulance and patient transport services have been required to make the opportunity to provide feedback through the FFT available to their patients since 1 April 2015 and submit data to NHS England each month. NHS England has commissioned NHS Digital to transition the Unify2 based FFT collections to NHS Digital’s Strategic Data Collections Service (SDCS) as part of a wider piece of work prior to the decommissioning of Unify2.

Data collected from the friends and family test will continue to be published on the NHS England website.

Read the friend and family test ambulance Data Provision Notice

Scope of the collection

  • Acute Non-Foundation Trusts
  • Acute Foundation Trusts
  • Ambulance Non-Foundation Trusts
  • Ambulance Foundation Trusts.
  • Independent and Voluntary Sector.




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