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COVID Oximetry @home

Data Provision Notice (now withdrawn) which required submission to NHS Digital of data from providers participating in the COVID Oximetry @home programme.


Oximetry notice

In July 2022, NHS Digital started a managed closure of the COVID Oximetry @home data services it provides to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). This was to align with the end of the COVID-19 COPI notices and to reduce data collection burden. The closure is now complete.

A national supply of pulse oximeters remains available by request to support COVID Oximetry @home services. 


This Data Provision Notice has now been withdrawn (August 2022).

It has been recommended by NHS England and NHS Improvement that all clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) put in place a “COVID Oximetry @home” service. The purpose of the overarching programme is to detect earlier deterioration in the community of COVID-19 diagnosed cases and enable more timely treatment, through patient self-monitoring.

The data to be supplied to NHS Digital will be used to allow the programme to understand the utilisation of the COVID Oximetry @home services by answering questions such as:

  • How many patients have been onboarded through the service?
  • What is the current case load for the service?
  • How does the number of onboarded patients compare with the number of patients eligible for the service?


This Notice is served on:

  • providers of COVID Oximetry @home services.

These are limited to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) or health service providers commissioned by CCGs, including trusts, GP practices and community services.

Legal basis


Data will be collected on a weekly basis, via NHS Digital's Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) or MESH. The last collection was submitted to NHS Digital w/c 6 July 2022.

Read the Data Provision Notice (Version 2.2)


3 August 2022: Page updated to note closure of programme and withdrawal of Notice.

29 June 2022: Page updated to add note about closure of CCGs and ongoing obligation of ICBs (now removed).

31 August 2021: Version 2.2 of this Notice has been issued to note the change of the collection from patient-level to aggregate, and a corresponding simplification of purpose (note that due to editorial issues no version 2.1 has been issued).

27 July 2021: Version 2.0 of this Notice has been issued to add an additional data item, Offboarding Type.

19 April 2021: Version 1.3 of this Notice has been issued to note that an additional submission option, MESH, has been included. This is to facilitate collection from a wider range of data processors working on behalf of the data controllers.

Update: 2 February 2021: Version 1.2 of this Notice has been issued to note a reduction in the number of required data items.

Update: 22 January 2021: Version 1.1 of this Notice has been issued to note that submission is through NHS Digital's Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS).

Previous versions are available on request from NHS Digital's Data Standards Assurance Service.

Last edited: 26 October 2022 10:19 am