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COVID Oximetry @home

Data Provision Notice to require submission to NHS Digital of data from providers participating in the COVID Oximetry @home programme, to support management information requirements and evaluation of the programme.


It has been recommended by NHS England and NHS Improvement that all clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) put in place a “COVID Oximetry @home” service. The purpose of the overarching programme is to detect earlier deterioration in the community of COVID-19 diagnosed cases and enable more timely treatment, through patient self-monitoring.

The data to be supplied to NHS Digital will be used for 2 major use cases:


Academic partners will be running a national evaluation of the programme on patient outcomes. This will help to understand its impact and with tailoring of the programme as it matures. 

Management Information (MI) reporting

Metrics collected, e.g. number of Oximeters in stock, will allow the programme to be run more efficiently hence facilitating more timely interventions.

Scope of the collection

This Notice is served on:

  • providers of COVID Oximetry @home services.

These are limited to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) or health service providers commissioned by CCGs, including trusts, GP practices and community services.

Legal basis for provision of data

NHS Digital has been directed by NHS England to establish and operate information systems to collect and analyse data in connection with COVID-19.

Period of the collection

Data will be collected on a weekly basis, via NHS Digital's Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS) or MESH.

Read the Data Provision Notice (Version 1.3)

Change control

Update: 19 April 2021: Version 1.3 of this Notice has been issued to reflect that an additional submission option, MESH, has been included. This is to facilitate collection from a wider range of data processors working on behalf of the data controllers.

Update: 2 February 2021: Version 1.2 of this Notice has been issued to reflect a reduction in the number of required data items.

Update: 22 January 2021: Version 1.1 of this Notice has been issued to reflect that submission is through NHS Digital's Strategic Data Collection Service (SDCS).

Previous versions are available on request from NHS Digital's Data Standards Assurance Service.

Last edited: 19 April 2021 10:59 am