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COVID-19 Situation Reports

Data Provision Notice to require the submission of activity data from NHS organisations to support planning and coordination of resources and services to support the COVID-19 response.


The data to be collected under this Notice is that information that is urgently required by the NHS to understand the demands COVID-19 is placing across the health care sector nationally. It is that information that does not already exist or must be collected in a more timely and efficient manner if it is to provide the insight needed to enable the NHS to coordinate resources and services appropriately. The collective data collection is broken down across a number of distinct Situation Reports (SitReps). These reports cover different service settings and provider types but taken as a whole provide the information required by the NHS nationally, at this point in time.  The current reports are:

  • COVID-19 Daily NHS Provider SitRep

  • COVID-19 Daily 111 Staff SitRep         
  •  COVID-19 Daily Patient Discharge SitRep
  • COVID-19 Daily Independent Provider SitRep
  •  COVID-19 Daily NHS Provider MHLDA SitRep
  •  COVID-19 Weekly Independent Provider SitRep
  •  COVID-19 Daily Independent Provider MHLDA SitRep
  •  COVID-19 Weekly Mobile CT Scanners SitRep
  • COVID-19 Weekly NHS Provider SitRep
  •  COVID-19 Daily Community Discharge SitRep
  • COVID-19 Biweekly CHC Deferred Assessments SitRep
  • COVID-19 Community Health Services SitRep
  • COVID-19 NHS Staff Lateral Flow Testing SitRep
  • COVID-19 Long COVID Assessment Clinic Activity SitRep.

All SitReps are aggregate flows of activity data.  Following collection by NHS Digital, SitReps are provided to NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE/I) for analysis, and then onto the Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) Unit hosted by NHSE/I.

Scope of the collection

This Notice is served on:

  • NHS Acute Trusts
  • NHS Ambulance Trusts
  • NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • NHS Community and Mental Health Trusts
  • NHS commissioned independent hospitals
  • NHS commissioned independent mobile CT scanner services
  • NHS commissioned community inpatient service providers
  • NHS community health service providers
  • NHS providers of long COVID assessment clinic services.

Legal basis for provision of data

NHS Digital has been directed by the Secretary of State under section 254 of the Act to establish and operate a system for the collection and analysis of the information specified for this service. 


Individual SitReps have started at various times since 20 March 2020. 

The collection of data for each relevant SitRep will continue until such time as the SitRep is withdrawn. The additional or removal of a SitRep will be notified through an update to this Notice.

Update: 16 September 2020: This Notice has been updated to add a new SitRep for CHC Deferred Assessments. This applies to Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Update: 17 November 2020: This Notice has been updated to add a new SitRep for Community Health Services. This applies to all NHS funded providers of community health services.

Update: 12 January 2021: This Notice has been updated to add new SitReps for Staff Lateral Testing and Long COVID Assessment Clinic Activity. These apply to Acute, Ambulance and Mental Health trusts, and NHS providers of long covid (post-COVID-19) clinic services.

Read the Data Provision Notice and supporting templates

Last edited: 12 January 2021 10:16 am