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Part of Annual inclusion report 2021-22

Why we report

Image of employee leaning against graphic of pronouns

Ambition, obligation, smarter decisions

It takes all of us in the organisation to make NHS Digital diverse, inclusive and the best place to work.

Our People Plan sets out our ambition to create an environment where colleagues feel that they can perform to their full potential, regardless of background, identity, or circumstances. We want everyone to feel valued, that they belong and that their contribution matters in our organisation.

NHS Digital has an obligation to promote equality of opportunity and tackle discrimination in the workplace, which is set out in the Equality Act 2010.

We are legally required to publish our workforce diversity data and gender pay gaps. We use this data to identify issues, understand trends and monitor our progress with our action plan, alongside using it to assess the likely impact of any change to policies and practices on different groups. Our workforce data and insight from it helps us to make smarter decisions about diversity and inclusion. 

Last edited: 10 February 2022 9:42 am