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Part of Annual inclusion report 2021-22

Creating the best and most inclusive place to work

Current Chapter

Current chapter – Creating the best and most inclusive place to work

Through 2020 and into 2021, we've needed to adapt our diversity and inclusion actions and plans, but our levels of commitment and our destination has remained the same. Our ambition is still to make NHS Digital the best and most inclusive place to work, to ensure we provide equality of opportunity and an inclusive employee experience for everyone.

We will continue to listen, understand, and support our colleagues. Our staff networks have continued to play an instrumental role in our progress, and we will maintain and build on our collaboration with them to deliver our inclusion actions.

We've also recognised the need to broaden accountability to each and every person within NHS Digital. In an uncertain and changing environment, creating an inclusive culture, managing a diverse workforce, and improving our ways of working remain our top priorities.  

We need to increase declaration rates, test the impact of the recruitment and selection changes we are making for career progression, and monitor the effectiveness of our first Positive Action Development scheme for underrepresented groups. All the while continuing to encourage colleagues to talk openly about their experiences of working here.

Seeking diversity, creating inclusion, and improving lives will take time and requires clear direction, consistent action over several years, and smart decisions made from robust data. We will continue our relentless pursuit to make NHS Digital the best and most inclusive place to work, to deliver on our commitments and conduct regular benchmarking and evaluation to measure progress and ensure alignment with NHS and the health and care sector.  

How will we know when we have arrived?

  • when our people tell us they feel they can be themselves at work and they feel valued for the difference that they bring
  • when our teams and senior leaders are representative of the people we serve
  • when all of our actions truly demonstrate a zero-tolerance to inappropriate behaviour, and it is safe to challenge at all levels

Achieving the objectives will be underpinned and shaped by a blended insights approach comprising quantitative and qualitative data and close partnering with our staff networks to bring lived experiences to the fore.

We will continue to monitor our progress by identifying barriers to inclusion through internal and external benchmarking.

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