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Annual inclusion report 2019-20

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Annual inclusion report 2019-20


Welcome to our 2020 inclusion report. We're focused on building a workforce that better represents our customers, health and care staff and the communities we serve, while ensuring that all our colleagues can bring their whole self to work and feel like they truly belong here at NHS Digital.

As you will see, we've made good progress on delivering many of the actions around inclusion set out in our People Plan. However, we are not yet seeing big changes in the diversity of our workforce and have identified areas where we still need to do more.

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We also know that currently, the quality of our employee experience differs depending on certain characteristics, which is totally unacceptable. We will continue to listen, learn and understand perspectives from all of our colleagues, with the help of our 7 staff networks, and make changes to ensure everyone feels supported and able to thrive.

More broadly, we're delivering a wide range of events, training and development to strengthen all of our understanding about what it takes to create an inclusive environment and to behave in a truly inclusive way.

Our ambition is to make NHS Digital the best place to work by creating an environment where colleagues feel that they can perform to their full potential, no matter their background, identity, or circumstances. We want everyone in our organisation to feel valued, that they belong and that their contribution matters.

Thank you for joining us on our inclusion journey.


Sarah Wilkinson, Chief Executive.

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