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Customer service centre

The NHS Digital customer service centre provide support for customers through telephone, email, and webchat.   The centre can help users struggling to find what they need from NHS Digital.  For details of how to get in touch, see our contact us page.

What the team does

Our team are:

  • your first point of contact for any questions you might have for, or about, NHS Digital 
  • your advocate and voice for excellent customer service within NHS Digital
  • an access point for help from NHS Digital expert teams
  • a point of contact if you don't know which service you require

View the NHS Digital Enquiries team Customer Charter.

Visit the about us page to discover more of what NHS Digital does.

What happens to your emails

When we receive your email:

  • a record is logged in our system
  • your enquiry is given a unique reference number starting with "NIC", for example "NIC-10037-XY4PZ"
  • our agent will seek to provide an answer to your question - in 70% of cases the agent is able to resolve the enquiry themselves
  • the agent may need further information to help you - you may receive an email asking for additional information
  • if our agent can't answer your question, your enquiry will be sent to one of the specialist teams throughout NHS Digital, or you will be provided with direction to an alternative organisation or service that can help you
  • the enquiry is stored in our administration system, and is monitored by our agents until it's resolved

Enquiries that take a long time to resolve will be regularly reviewed by our contact centre agents. Overdue enquiries are reported to the NHS Digital's Executive Management Team.


We're always interested to hear what you have to say about our services. We use the feedback provided to our NHS Digital Customer Service Centre to help us improve the services we provide.

If you have some feedback or if you just need help with our services, you can email us or call us on 0300 303 5678.


If you wish to make a complaint about NHS Digital or the service you received, we have a clear complaints policy that will talk you through each step of the process.

Further information

internal Contact centre performance 2017

The NHS Digital Customer Service Centre uses a number of different targets, standards and indicators to measure performance.

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