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Apprenticeship scheme

An apprenticeship combines a practical job with study. The standards are designed by industry organisations and end with a qualification, ranging from GSCE to degree level.

All apprenticeships are governed by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Education and Skills Funding Agency.

NHS Digital are responsible for employing the apprentices and one of our accredited providers are responsible for the training.

Working together, we ensure an individual can provide evidence of the skills and knowledge to successfully complete their training - the aim being to progress to a permanent role or a further apprenticeship.

The schemes that we offer vary from year to year dependent on business demand. We expect to offer a range across our business from the entry level business administration (Public Service Operational Delivery) to a digital degree (Software Engineering).

Professions you can apply for

There are a number of professions you can apply to take an apprenticeship in

Be part of a team delivering high-quality software that can make a real difference to patients.   You could be working on systems which handle thousands of transactions a second, or on websites which handle millions of visitors a day. Your software skills will be put to great use, and you'll know that your work helps everyone in the country.

NHS Digital is all about data, and data science means that the NHS can make better decisions.   There is no data science challenge bigger than health, and we need talented data scientists who can use data to transform how health and social care work.   There is no shortage of data, and your challenges are on the biggest scale. 

My apprenticeship has given me first-hand experience in operational HR. My colleagues have not only supported me but allowed me the freedom to run projects, develop my skills and learn real life HR practice as an advisor within the business.


I have loved the variety, pace and exposure throughout my apprenticeship and feel fully equipped for the full-time role I secured as a result of my training.

How to apply

All our roles are advertised on our careers pages.

Most of our trainee adverts are live in October and November for the following September starts. Some roles are advertised throughout the year.

You can sign up to job alerts to be one of the first to know when our adverts are live.

Further information

  1. internal

    The Academy at NHS Digital

    The Academy at NHS Digital gives exciting ways to join the forefront of digital health, whilst learning new skills as part of one of our structured schemes.

  2. internal

    Graduate scheme

    The graduate scheme is a two year training programme, run by NHS Digital, to develop our workforce to meet the future needs of our business.

  3. internal

    Summer internships

    Summer internships are an eight week fixed-term paid opportunity. Interns are usually undergraduates or further education students looking for industry experience in their summer vacation.

  4. internal

    Industry placements

    Industry placements form part of a student's degree course and involve working in a role related to their degree subject for 12 months.

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