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Shadow Me Programme

Applications have now closed for the Shadow Me programme. Watch this space for announcements for the next cohort, coming soon.

What is the Shadow Me Programme?

Are you part of a communications function and searching for an opportunity to learn about how another comms team operates? 

Would you also like to share experience and knowledge from your own organisation with one of our team?

We’re opening our doors and looking to get on the road for our Communications Exchange Programme.

This programme forms part of our Communications Improvement Plan. It aims to support shared learning, ideas and dialogue between communicators.

Come visit us for a day or even a week, and if possible, we’d like to spend some time at your organisation too.

It’s a fantastic networking opportunity to meet other communicators, build new relationships and swap stories and techniques. 

You’ll get to take control of what you learn and when, by working with us to create an experience that suits both you and your exchange partner’s areas of interest. 

Initially, we are inviting applications from communications colleagues at any level within national organisations in the health, care and third sector. We hope to then open the programme to a wider group in future phases.

How do I apply?

Applications have now closed for our first cohort in summer and autumn 2018.

The next cohort will be announced soon.

How we use your data

Successful applicants’ data will be held for three months so we can efficiently carry out your placement. 

You may opt into us then keeping your contact details for longer should you be interested in any further opportunities similar to the NHS Digital Shadowing Programme.

Unsuccessful applicants’ data will be held for six months to be considered for the next cohort of shadowing activities.

Find out how NHS Digital is protecting your data and how to exercise your data rights

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Last edited: 3 October 2018 1:29 pm