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Prescribed Specialised Services

Download the Prescribed Specialised Services 2017/18 Operational Tool, along with supporting documentation.

icon Download the Prescribed Specialised Services 2017/18 Operational Tool [3.98MB]

This application is based on the Prescribed Specialised Services 2017/18 Planning Tool. It contains updated logic and accommodation of the OPCS-4.8 update to the underlying classification, which came into effect on the 1 April 2017. The product contains the Identification Rules specified by NHS England and should be used for operational use in 2017/18, including generating the flags which determine top-ups for reimbursement.

Additional documentation

icon Guidance on installing and uninstalling [1003.71KB]  - please read this document if you are experiencing problems and prior to any uninstallation of the product. 

icon Operational tool user manual [1.75MB] - this provides full instructions on preparing and processing data using the tool.

icon Prescribed services guide to identification rules [19.76MB] - this provides guidance on understanding the details of the code sets and associated logic used in the derivation of the PS flags, as generated by the product.

icon Operational tool sample data and expected results [40.51KB] - the sample data contains both Admitted Patient Care (APC) and Non-Admitted Consultations (NAC) data for testing purposes. It also includes the expected results in files, as generated by the tool.

Enquiries about the functionality of the operational tool can be sent to us at

If your enquiry is about the Identification Rule derivation, please contact NHS England at

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