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HRG4+ 2014/15 reference cost appraisals

We've produced  icon HRG4+ 2014/15 reference cost appraisals [21.55MB] for each subchapter, with the exception of UZ undefined groups. The appraisals are at subchapter-level, except where subchapters have an essential relationship, in which case the appraisal covers multiple subchapters, or in the case of paediatric medicine, is published at chapter level.

These appraisals have been endorsed by the Department of Health Reference Costs Team and use the published national and provider level reference costs from the 2014/15 collection to evaluate the performance of the HRGs in the HRG4+ 2014/15 reference costs design, focussing on the expected relativities between HRGs. They provide a basis from which to improve the data quality of the reference costs in future years, as well as providing an assessment of how well the HRG4+ casemix classification reflects current clinical practice and innovations in healthcare delivery.

Attention has been paid to areas where HRG performance has been significantly influenced by a small number of providers with atypical reported activity and/or costs. Tables also identity outlier costs, as submitted by individual providers.

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