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National Back Office for the Personal Demographic Service

The National Back Office (NBO) provides a national data quality service; it's responsible for resolving problems with demographic records held by the Personal Demographic service (PDS).

Contacting the NBO
Find National Back Office contact details 

Data Quality incidents
Find out about data quality incidents and how they're dealt with 

Data quality incidents are when data needs to be changed or is wrong, for example, if a person has a duplicate record, or they've died.

What does the National Back Office do?

NBO services include: 

  • removes duplicates, confusion and updates changes of identity (for example, in adoption or gender reassignment cases)
  • de-registrations from the NHS
  • unmatching civil registrations  of births and deaths
  • fixing incorrect data items
  • looking after sensitive record cases
  • working with Defence Medical Services (DMS) for patient movements across borders and in and out of DMS care 
  • dealing with Immigration Health Surcharge data for the Home Office

The Demographics and NBO teams also work together more complicated incidents and issues.

Information sharing

NHS Digital has an agreement with the Home Office and the Department of Health covering information requests. Find out more about this memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Contact the NBO


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