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Other NHS staff and implementers

Find guidance about the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), along with resources related to switching on and implementing the service.

Guidance for prescribers, dispensers and patients

Find EPS guidance for prescribers.

Find EPS guidance for dispensers.

If you're a patient, you can find out more about electronic prescriptions on the NHS Choices website.

Switching on EPS

To switch EPS on, contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who can advise you on the steps to go-live.

Increasing utilisation of EPS and Electronic Repeat Dispensing

Read our utilisation toolkit.

Download our icon Electronic Repeat Dispensing toolkit [242.71KB] .

Live service status information

View live service status information for national services, including EPS.

The future of EPS

Learn more about the future of EPS, and what this will mean for prescribers, dispensers and implementers.

Have a question about the Electronic Prescription Service? Please contact

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